Decision CRTC 2001-103


Ottawa, 22 February 2001


Trent Radio
Peterborough, Ontario 2000-1407-7


Application processed by Public Notices CRTC 2000-112 dated 4 August 2000 and
CRTC 2000-112-1 dated 29 September 2000


Licence renewal for CFFF-FM


The Commission renews the licence for community-based campus radio programming undertaking CFFF-FM Peterborough, from 1 March 2001 to 31 August 2007, subject to conditions specified in the licence to be issued, as also set out in Public Notice CRTC 2000-156.


The renewal of this licence follows the new Campus radio policy. Among other things, the Commission has removed the requirement to submit a Promise of Performance, revised its expectation related to the structure and continuity of the board of directors and removed stipulations regarding the use of "restricted" advertising, in accordance with the new policy (PN 2000-12).


The licensee has proposed to devote 2 hours per week to French-language programming. It has also proposed to devote 30 minutes per week to programming in a third-language directed to one ethnic group. This is consistent with the significant role played by campus stations in serving the needs of the minority communities resident within their service areas.


The licensee has committed to meet the new regulatory requirements with respect to the percentage of Canadian musical selections from category 2 (35%) and category 3 (12%) that community and campus radio stations must broadcast each broadcast week.


The Commission expects the licensee to implement the initiatives set out in its plan for Canadian talent development and to give effect to the measures designed to encourage the participation of volunteers.


Other matters


The Commission considers that campus radio stations should be particularly sensitive to employment equity issues in order to reflect fully the communities they serve. It encourages the licensee to consider these issues in its hiring practices and in all other aspects of its management of human resources
(see PN 1992-59).


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Secretary General


This decision is to be appended to the licence.
It is available in alternative format upon request, and may also be examined at the following Internet site: