TRENT RADIO - a corporation without share capital

and NAME

WHEREAS, Trent Radio is a non profit, cultural and educational 

organisation owned by the students of Trent University, operating a non 

commercial broadcast undertaking in the City of Peterborough, and, 

WHEREAS, it had been determined that there shall be a General Manager 

appointed to guide and monitor the operations of the Corporation 

including its broadcast functions, and, 

WHEREAS, it is the expectation of the Board of Directors that, in the 

furtherance of the Objects of Incorporation and Trent Radio's Aims as a 

Broadcast Licensee, the General Manager shall ; 

  a) manage the day to day operations of the Corporation,

  b) work to meet the Board's goals and objectives,

  c) inform the Board of the Corporation's activities and monitor and 

     evaluate its performance, 

  d) ensure that all staff, appointed personnel, and members using the 

     facilities of the Corporation, are cognisant of the Board's 

     policies, goals and objectives, 

  e) immediately alert the Board of any major problem, 

  f) act always in the best interests of the Corporation and continue to 

     cultivate a sense of humour, and, 

WHEREAS, it is the expectation of the General Manager that the Board of 

Directors shall; 

  a) set realistic goals and objectives,

  b) render decisions and make clear policies which may be feasibly 


  c) provide advice and counsel when problems arise,

  d) be supportive and collegial when difficult decisions must be made, 

  e) make it clear that all staff and appointed personnel are accountable 

     to the General Manager, 

  f) monitor and evaluate the work of the General Manager, and 

  g) understand the formal character and nature of the organisation as 

     creating community through cultural and educational means, and the 

     operation of its broadcast facilities as a forum for a broad and 

     diverse range of opinion and content. 

WHEREAS, the incumbent General Manager is the most suitable person for 

the position given his experience, skill, record of achievement, and 

twenty-five years of service, and even though he feels he is being 

dragged kicking and screaming into giving another four years of his life 

to the organisation, 

TRENT RADIO hereby appoints NAME, hereinafter referred to as the General 

Manager, as the General Manager of the Corporation and NAME hereby 

accepts this appointment, according to the following terms and 


Role and Accountability:

The General Manager shall be charged with the overall responsibility of 

the day day operation of Trent Radio, and granted the authority to carry 

it out.  This includes day to day operation of the Office and Radio 

Facility belonging to the Corporation. 

The General Manager shall be accountable to the community and the 

membership of the organisation through the Board of Directors and reports 

to the Board. 

All staff and other delegated personnel ultimately report to the General 


General Responsibility and Authority:

The General Manager shall exercise leadership and provide direction, 

consultation and strategy development to the Board on principal 

organisational issues such as, though not limited to; mission, values and 

ethics; organisational structure and planning; programming and 

production; finance, funding and fundraising; service to members and the 

community; public relations and public awareness. 

The General Manager shall have the authority and responsibility to handle 

all matters operational, including, though not limited to, licensing, 

security, legal, financial, personnel, technical, and programming matters 

and relations with other organisations and related business. 

Specific Duties, not limiting the generality of the foregoing;

    1. To formulate, administer and supervise the overall budget and all 

       financial matters; 

       a) To deal with all financial matters and to follow arrangements 

       made for proper books of accounting be kept, under the direction 

       of the Treasurer. Preparation of all payroll, remittances and 

       other disbursements; 

       Preparation of deposits and depositing of receipts to the account 

       of Trent Radio.  To arrange for bookkeeping; 

       b) To be responsible for all applications for funds to all levels 

       of  government; 

       c) To formulate, administer, and supervise, on going and new 

       earned revenue functions; 

       d) To oversee payment of all wages and, where applicable, 

       including though not limited to, statutory deductions and 

       remittance of these to the government; 

       e) To negotiate and oversee proper and timely reporting to all 

       government and regulatory agencies.  Preparation of all documents 

       required by government and regulatory agencies, including CRTC, 

       Industry Canada, Revenue Canada T4s, and charitable receipts.  

       Management and retention of the files, records, drawings, 

       archives, library and equipment inventory. 

    2. To formulate, administer and supervise all procedures and 

       practices in accord  with Board policy; 

       a) As such, the General Manager shall help formulate and recommend 

       policies to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval; 

       b) The General Manager shall give support to the Board of 

       Directors and leadership to other officers, staff, and the 

       organisation as a whole. 

General duties:

    3. To exercise due diligence in matters pertaining to; 

       a) all programming, publicity and other operations as they relate 

       to the operation of Trent Radio's radio facility; 

       b) the hiring, firing, discipline, and supervision of all 

       delegated personnel, subject to Board policy, and according to the 

       needs of the organisation and the law of the land; 

       c) the operation of the facilities, including,

          i) all technical arrangements comprising all audio, radio 

             frequency, computer, internet and telecommunications systems 

             and equipment, 

         ii) all physical plant matters comprising Trent Radio House, 

             transmission facilities lease with Power Broadcasting 

             (CHEX), or their assigns, and generally all fixed assets of 

             the Corporation; 

        iii) all landlord functions relating to the Upper Apartment; 

       d) the purchase and/or rental of all equipment; 

       e) the allocation of all resources, both staff and equipment. 

    4. To arrange all security and insurance matters.

    5. To negotiate and draw up all artistic, production, and performance 


    6. To report directly to the Board and to keep the Board informed in 

       all the above areas, as necessary or requested. 

    7. To represent the organisation and from time to time, may act as 


    8. To give leadership and support in the area of financial 

       development and fundraising, although project leadership may come 

       from volunteers or other staff. 

    9. To render advice and support to other Officers of the Corporation. 

   10. From time to time, to render advice and assistance to other 

       individuals or legal entities in the furtherance of the betterment 

       of the community and other goals. 

The General Manager shall also act as Vice president.

Special Projects:

It is understood that during the period of this contact Trent Radio's 

licence to broadcast is due for renewal.  The General Manager shall 

follow through on negotiations with the CRTC commenced prior to the term 

of this agreement to ensure Trent Radio's continuance as a broadcast 


The General Manager shall work towards ensuring that Trent Radio shall 

remain a student organisation, sponsored by the students of Trent 

University and shared with the community as a whole. 

During the period of this contract, Trent Radio shall seek new revenues 

for the funding of its paid staff, and that to this end, the General 

Manager shall follow through on plans to hire and fund a development 

position, upon approval of said plans by the Board. 

Capital projects:

It is understood that the General Manager shall seek to make capital 

additions and improvements to the physical and technical fabric of the 

facilities owned by Trent Radio for consideration by the Board, while 

ensuring that existing amenities are well maintained. 

Conflict of Interest:

The General Manager shall be accorded the prerogative to accept gainful 

employment from, or  provide service, to persons or legal entities not 

connected to Trent Radio. 

The General Manager shall be accorded the prerogative to  communicate an 

opinion, as a private individual, through the media, or any other means, 

so long as it is made clear that in this act the General Manager does not 

speak for Trent Radio. 

Notwithstanding, and within the spirit and intent of this agreement, the 

General Manager must avoid any conflict of interest with respect to his 

fiduciary responsibility, and shall to report to the President or the 

Board of Directors any possible conflicts that may develop before 

completion of this agreement. 

Further, the General Manager shall preserve and enhance public trust in 

the organisation by putting the interests of the organisation ahead of 

all other business and personal interests. 

Provision to delegate:

The General Manager may hire or contract a Programme Director, who shall 

report to the General Manager and to whom the General Manager may 

delegate in sum or in part, the overall responsibility for programming on 

Trent Radio's broadcast facility, including all scheduling, the format of 

programmes, continuity, hours of operation, publicity and promotions, 

programme quality maintenance, enforcement of CRTC programming 

regulations, planning and control of special broadcasts and related 

activities.   Pursuant to Trent Radio's licence granted by the CRTC, 

programming functions shall be rendered in accord with the organisation's 

aims as a broadcaster, in support of, and in partnership with 

programmers, independent of external or commercial influence, and in 

consideration of Trent Radio's tradition of tolerance, permitting any 

lawful expression. 

The Programme Director's duties may also include the preparation of an 

annual or seasonal programming plan, in conjunction with the General 

Manager, for the consideration of the Board. The General Manager shall 

endeavour to find revenues to provide year round funding for this 


The General Manager may also, from time to time, hire or appoint a 

Sponsorship Director, Operators, or other personnel, according to such 

terms as their engagement calls for, or the General Manager requires of 

them, according to the needs and capacity of the organisation. 


The General Manager shall be paid the sum of $27,726.23 per annum with an 

annual increase, effective the first day of September in each year, 

subject to negotiation and not less than the "consumer price index" (CPI) 

promulgated by Statistics Canada.  It is the general intention that these 

negotiations shall be held between the months of June and August  every 


Trent Radio shall provide the General Manager all benefits required by 

the Canada Labour Code for regular employees, and shall reasonably 

provide other benefits, such as paid leave in lieu of overtime, unpaid 

leave by mutual agreement. 

For the purposes of this agreement Trent Radio shall provide the General 


a) an annual paid leave of four weeks in addition to leave in lieu of 


b) the sum of $1,088.03 per annum in lieu of an employee health plan, 

with an annual increase not less than the CPI. 

c) the sum of $448.19 per annum as reimbursement for employee owned auto 

costs, with an annual increase not less than the CPI, and $0.30 per 

kilometre for approved out of town trips. 

The Board shall reasonably reimburse the General Manager for out of 

pocket expenses in the acquittal of his duties or disbursed on behalf of 

the Corporation. 

The General Manager shall be provided a private office where he can smoke 

if he so chooses. 

This contract of permanent employment shall be for a period of four years 

and shall be considered to commence on  1 January 2000 and expire on 31 

December 2004, 

This contract shall be automatically renewed for subsequent one year 

periods on the same terms and conditions unless, by 30 June in the 

calendar year prior to the expiry of the initial, or any subsequent, 

period, one party notifies the other that it wishes to review the terms 

of this Agreement. 

Upon the giving of such notice any renewal of this contract shall be on 

such terms and conditions as the parties may agree upon, subject to the 

law of the land. 

Upon completion of this contract, Trent Radio shall pay a sum of not less 

than the equivalent of twenty regular weeks pay as severance benefit. 

Both parties agree that this severance benefit  item shall replace and 

thus nullify any previous agreement in regard to severance benefit. 

The General Manager may elect to give six months notice to terminate this 

contract.  Should this occur severance pay shall be calculated as the 

equivalent of twelve weeks regular pay, plus two weeks regular pay for 

every year or part thereof completed. 


Notwithstanding, all provisions of this agreement, including moneys 

promised, shall remain in full force and effect for the duration of this 

agreement and until all its terms are honoured, 

Agreed to, with mutual respect and good will at Peterborough, Ontario on 

this 17th day of July  in the year  2000. 

for Trent Radio:

     President      Secretary


     NAME               witness as to the signature of NAME