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Greetings to all of you who send your announcements of events! We will gladly air your public service announcements. During the broadcast season, your announcements will be aired regularly each day and we encourage you to write your PSA in a "radio ready" format. Short and sweet works best.

Our volunteers want to convey your messages briefly and succinctly and you can help. This is how you can make your public service announcement "radio ready."

DAY/DATE OF EVENT: Friday April 21st, 2017

TIME OF EVENT: Starts at 12:00 noon

LOCATION OF EVENT: 715 George St. North (corner of George & Parkhill), and on the radio at 92.7 FM

TYPE OF EVENT: Fundraiser and Country Music Marathon

COST: Request a song for a Twonie per Tune. Donations welcome

DETAILS: The hosts of The Good n Country Show will be hosting their annual Radio Marathon starting at noon on Friday April 21. Tune in to hear your favourite country tunes, and to support your Community Broadcast Facility - Trent Radio.

CONTACT NUMBER / WEB PAGE: 1(555) 555-5555 www dot trentradio dot ca

FURTHER DETAILS: All proceeds raised will support Trent Radio, a Not-For-Profit Registered Charity.

Ten lines of typed text takes about thirty seconds to read so it shouldn't be too hard to put all the details on one sheet of paper - all the information needed to make a clear announcement. Send your competed PSA to 715 George Street N. Peterborough, ON K9H 3T2 or

Please send your announcement as plain text in the body of the email. It's okay to send pdf media release documents along with your email, provided all the necessary information is already outlined in the email itself.

Pre-Recorded PSAs? You may also want to record your own message for airplay. You can do this by recording your voice in your own home or office or by coming to Trent Radio. If you want us to broadcast your audio file that you recorded off-site, send us a link to the file, drop off or mail a copy to Trent Radio, or arrange a time to come in and upload your PSA onto our server.

Community groups are also welcome to drop off posters. We'll put them up so our programmers can read your announcement while on-air, and our programmers and volunteers will learn about your event.

Contact us if you would like to set up a Special Programme or interview for your organisation or event.