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Setup of these Streams provided by our good friends at
Radio Free Peterborough
Trent Radio gratefully acknowleges the support of the following "Stream Team" donors in making our broadcast signal available on the World Wide Web; Andy Molnar, Andrew Fogarasi, Paul Cleveland, Barb Woolner, The "Aurora" Addisons, Martin Guerre, Al Kirkcaldy, William Bain, ReInvented aka Peter Rukavina, Steven J May, Sharon Woolner, Norm & June McHardy, Jaspal Marwah, Marian Bredin & Steve McNabb.

In a few seconds your MP3 player should open, and start receiving the stream. If it doesn't it may be that your browser is not setup to do this. If you are having trouble, you may wish to read the Stream FAQ. Let me know how you make out.

In the mean time, feel free to send me an email to report trouble or just rant.  

Best // John K Muir, General Manager