CFFF FM Trent Radio 92.7 - Nogo/Ptbo and Area

Trent Radio

92.7 CFFF FM in Peterborough, ON

287 on Cogeco cable

Musician's and Artist's Guide to Trent Radio

Trent Radio is a Producer Oriented Broadcast Facility.

As such, we do not tell our Programmers what music to play. We do not have a Music Director, and we do not chart and/or provide tracking information regarding the music that is played on Trent Radio. We encourage musicians to contact our Programmers directly to promote new albums. Please note that our Broadcast Schedule changes 3 times per year (September, January, May), so be sure to refer to the current schedule for Programme times and contact information.

Collections Policy

Trent Radio exclusively processes music submissions that can be classified as Local, and/or Locally relevant.

LOCAL: Content that is Local will be included in our Programming Resource Archives as well as our Local Content Management Project, a database that is designed as an historical record and educational resource featuring music recordings and performances in the region.

Our definition of Local can include recordings that have been produced locally, include local musicians/songs/content and artists who went to Trent/Fleming. If you feel that you or your album is Local - let us know why, and we will consider your album for inclusion.

LOCALLY RELEVANT: We will accept submissions from touring bands performing locally. These albums will be included in our Programming Resource Archives for 12 months from the date of the artists' last show in the region. Bands/Artists are expected to keep us informed of upcoming shows so we can keep relevant albums/bands in rotation.

NOT LOCAL? As a Producer Oriented Broadcast Facility, Trent Radio welcomes you to send music directly to our Programmers for consideration/air-play on their individual shows. Check our current Broadcast Schedule for the most up-to-date roster of Programmes/Programmers and their contact information.

Submit your local music

To submit Local Content, please use our Local Music Submissions form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Promote your band / upcoming show on-air

Sign-Up for an interview on Smooth Operator - our Community Listings & Events Programme that airs weekdays at 11am, 2pm & 6pm.

The show is 30 minutes long and is designed as an opportunity to announce local listings, promote local events, highlight local groups/organisations and interview the people participating in these events & services (touring & local bands for example).

To promote your show and/or sign up for Smooth Operator, send us an email - (subject line "Smooth Operator Request"). If you are a Touring Band and want us to play your music on the radio, mail it to us - 715 George St N, Peterborough ON, K9H 3T2 - and write TOURING on the package.