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Welcome to Trent Radio         
715 George Street North,  Peterborough  Ontario  CANADA  K9H 3T2
700watts ERP @ 92.7Mhz

cable channel 287 in Peterborough and  
admin (705) 741 4011
studio (705) 748 4761    no fax

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factus sum velut aes sonans aut cymbalum tinniens
to become as a sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal

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An ongoing call to Trent Students & Members of the Peterborough & Area Community - Get involved!
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"The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand. The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull the tail in West Mabou, and it meows in the Kootenays. The wireless is the same, only without the cat."

Established and operated by the students of Trent University, Trent Radio is designed with the production of exceptional radio in mind. Its aims and objectives include producer oriented programming and broad community participation for the production of creative local radio. Trent Radio's programmers are by definition amateurs - that is, we do radio for the love of it. This space reflects an organisation where people are learning and creating together. So, let yourself be lured in by the smell of freshly brewed coffee and radio banter. Phone, send e-mail, write a letter, drop us a line, or send a box of chocolates. At any rate, stay a while.
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Trent Radio House is located at: - see map -
715 George Street N (NW corner of George and Parkhill)
please send post to:

   Trent Radio
   715 George Street North
   Peterborough, Ontario

studio line (705) 748 4761
office & admin 741 4011

email contacts:

   Rob Hailman; Our Local Content Project Manager
   Mauricio Interiano; Our Community Outreach Development Manager
   Jill Staveley; Our Production Manager & Deputy General Manager
   PSAs to:

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Trent Radio acknowledges our community:
Our Programmers, Volunteers, Members, Donors, Sponsors
The City of Peterborough through the Community Arts Programme.
The Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough through the Organisational Leadership and Innovation Grant Programme.
The Community Radio Fund of Canada through a variety of available programmes.
Corus Entertainment for their continuous support and donation of antenna space on the CHEX tower.

The space for this site is provided by Trent University.

NCRA / ANREC member station    Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough    Community Radio Fund of Canada    Corus Entertainment